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O.z. SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL in cooperation with ŠKT Kysucké Nové Mesto (under MKŠS Kysucké Nové Mesto so sídlom Litovelská 871, 024 01 Kysucké Nové Mesto)


6.-8. March 2020

Presence (check-in) place:

Friday 6. March 2020 from 17.00 CET in Kysucké Nové Mesto, Municipal sports hall, Športová ulica (street)


From the check-in place the organizer and participants will move together to the close village Radoľa, Piváreň u Kultána pub. From this place Kysucká stovka will start at 21.00 CET (collective start).


The course with total distance 113 km and positive elevation gain of 4700 m+ follows the marked tourist paths through the Kysucká vrchovina, Kysucké Beskydy anf Javornníky mountains. There will be also several course passages with own marking only. Every participant will receive an "itinerary" during the check-in. Several checkpoints will be placed on the course (including secret live checkpoints).

Kysucká stovka course will be certified by ITRA during December 2020.

Tourist maps:

  • VKÚ 110 Malá Fatra
  • VKÚ 101 Kysucké Beskydy, Veľká Rača                                                                  
  • VKÚ 109 Javorníky, Čadca
  • SHOCART 1077  Kysucké Beskydy, KYSUCE

Checkpoints (with refreshments):

1. Zástranie (8. km)

  • Hostinec na Konečnej (pub), Kultúrna ulica (street) no. 33
  • Time limit: until Friday 6. March 23.00 CET

2. Horný Vadičov (35. km)

  • Bufet SNOWSUN close to the ski slope, Horný Vadičov no. 232
  • Time limit: until Saturday 7. March 06.30 CET

3. Klubina (53. km)

  • Pohostinstvo Horal (pub), Klubina no. 68
  • Time limit: until Saturday 7. March 11.30 CET

4. Oščadnica-Dedovka (66,5. km)

  • Bufet u Medveďa
  • Time limit: until Saturday 7. March 15.00 CET

5. Čadca (86. km)

  • Gymnázium J.M. Hurbana (high school), ulica 17. novembra (street)
  • Time limit: until Saturday 7. March 20.00 CET

6. Nesluša (104. km)

  • Elementary school, Nesluša no. 837
  • Time limit: until Sunday 8. March 00.30 CET


Kysucké Nové Mesto, Municipal sports hall, Športová ulic (street) until Sunday 8. March 2020 03.00 CET.

Total time limit for Kysucká stovka 2019 course completion is 30 hours.

Mandatory equipment:

Every participant must bring the mandatory equipment. In case of missing mandatory equipment the participant will be not allowed to start. In case of missing mandatory equipment items found during the race the participant will be disqualified.

The mandatory equipment check can be done either before start or at any place of the course by organizer or authorized volunteer.

The mandatory equipment contains:
1. Jacket with hood which will withstand bad weather in the mountains and made with a waterproof and breathable membrane
2. A warm second layer top with long sleeves, with feather or thermo-fibre)
3. Warm gloves, cap or Buff
4. Streak reflex or a streak reflective vest
5. Mobile phone (turned on) with the SIM card which phone number was in the enrollment form
6. Forehead lamp with reserve batteries
7. Whistle
8. Isothermic blanket
9. Elastic bandage
10. Paper map (maps) containing the whole course of Javornícka stovka, or a GPS device with recorded file displaying the course (the link for downloading the gpx file can be found in the Course section)
11. Bottle(s) or a hydration pack with resorvoir with capacity at least 1 L
12. Own cup, tumbler or  flask with wide mouth 1,5 dl minimum (flasks with narrow mouth or bottle lid are not accepted)
13. Identity card
Recommended equipment:
On top of the above listed we also recommend to consider the following equipment (not mandatory):
- Trekking poles (lightweight)
- Trail crampons for runners
- Waterproof cell phone case
- Powerbank
- Plaster
- Antiseptic (disinfectant)
- Vaseline
- Knife
- Cash (EUR)
- Insurance
- Food reserve (energy bars)


Six aid stations with elementary refreshments available for the participants during the course. If you are using energy bars or energy gels and similar nutrition products, we recommend to bring your own ones.

Race regulations:

1. Participants take part in the Kysucká stovka event at their own risk

2. In case any harm or damage (health or property damage) should happen to the Kysucká stovka, they are not entitled to request any financial compensation or other applicable claims from the Kysucká stovka organizer.

3. The Kysucká stovka organizer takes no responsibility for the possible harm or damage (health or property damage) should any happen to the participants or should be any caused by them.

4. The Kysucká stovka organizer reserves the right to suspend or stop the race or to change the course in case such measure would be required due to specific situation (especially for participants safety reason).

5. Should the Kysucká stovka participant decide to quit before he can get to the nearest checkpoint, he/she is obliged to call and inform the Kysucká stovka organizer as soon as possible.

6. The Kysucká stovka organizer does not provide transport service for those participants, who decide to quit except of case on injury. (for other cases public transport can be used).

7. The Kysucká stovka course is situated mostly in mountain landscape, in which it is not possible to always ensure immediate help. Every Kysucká stovka participant is obliged to help to other participant in emergency / serious injury case and/or call for help (emergency telephone number, Mountain rescue service). Withholding the help to other Kysucká stovka participant (injury or other emergency case) will result in disqualification.

8. The participants will be provided with contact for the Mountain rescue service, which will provide help for Kysucká stovka participants in emergency case.

9. The Kysucká stovka participant is obliged to have the mandatory equipment with him/her during the entire course (race duration).

10. The participants can use the aid station services and also other refreshments possibilities (e.g. in chalets).

11. The participants are not allowed to throw their garbage away outside the staffed checkpoints or public waste bins.

For your questions please contact: 

Roman Minarovič t.č. +421 907 813 367kysuckastovka@gmail.com

We are looking forward for meeting you in Kysucké Nové Mesto.